Welcome to the General Mercantile, home of the finest “gold” to be found on Last Chance Gulch! Since 1971 the Merc has been providing a unique counter culture to Helena.


Merc Drinks

Sweet Espresso and Black Gold


What can we say? It’s the best cup of coffee served this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We just don’t know how we could possibly serve you a better cup of coffee. We start with filtered water and freshly ground Sweet Espresso coffee beans. Then we brew each cup one at a time.

We don’t start brewing it until you order, so your fresh cup of coffee always tastes its very best.

Espresso Drinks

Our Black Gold beans are where it all starts. The unadulterated, pure nectar of the bean. And nothing else. Double pack of fresh-roasted Black Gold pulled only once for the very best infusion.

Want more? We’ll pack it again and pull the handle a second time.


We have no doubt about it. The Montana Tea and Spice Trading Company in Missoula offers the freshest, finest blends of herbal, green, white, and black teas to be found in Montana.

We offer a wide variety of teas and blends, from the company’s trademark Evening in Missoula herbal tea to the white first cuttings of the Sow Mee.

Hand-pulled drinks

It all started with a 1950s, Italian-made La Pavoni espresso maker and we’ve stuck with the classic style. There are no buttons to push on our Astoria machines; there is nothing automated or pre-programmed about these beauties. If you want an espresso the way Italians have been making it for generations, let us know. We’ll be happy to give you a pull.

All of our espresso drinks are built around a single pull on our Astoria machines which infuse a double load of finely ground espresso beans with filtered water for a thick, smooth taste every time. Tread carefully before ordering ” a double” unless you really want four shots of espresso in your drink.

Packaged Coffee

Want to enjoy the Merc’s coffee at home or on the road?  We’re happy to sell our beans directly to you in one-, one-half-, and quarter-pound bags.

Black Gold $14.95

Sweet Espresso $13.95

Columbian Supremo $13.95

Decaf Black Gold $15.95