Welcome to the General Mercantile, home of the finest “gold” to be found on Last Chance Gulch! Since 1971 the Merc has been providing a unique counter culture to Helena.

Koi to the World

General Mercantile / Koi to the World

Bring Koi to the World

This year, General Mercantile is partnering with local elementary schools to help bring gifts to kids in our community who might not otherwise receive presents. To contribute to this project, please take a gift slip from the fishbowl at the till and purchase gifts totaling at least $15.00. The slip will have the grade and gender of the student recipient, but please feel free to keep it gender neutral.

The Merc will then wrap and deliver the gifts to the schools by the 22nd of December so that the students have something to take home over their holiday break.

Please let the staff know which merchandise is for the Koi to the World project as you check out, and we will give you a free drink token so that your next tasty beverage is on us!

Thank you for your generosity and Koi to the World!

Out of Town and Can’t Make It to the Merc?

Just Facebook message us the amount you’d like to spend along with your e-mail address, and we’ll send you an invoice for payment.

Then St. Mercalaus will pick out the presents for you and make sure they get to one happy kid! We’ll also let you see what cool gifts he picked out for your student.

Thanks for your generous spirit, Merc family near and far!