Welcome to the General Mercantile, home of the finest “gold” to be found on Last Chance Gulch! Since 1971 the Merc has been providing a unique counter culture to Helena.


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Classic Coffee

If you want an espresso the way Italians have been making it for decades, the General Mercantile is the only place to get it without a passport. In the hands of our expert baristas, our Italian based manual pull espresso machines allow for artistic expression in the coffee making process. There are no buttons to push; there’s nothing automated or pre-programed. All of our espresso drinks are built around a single pull that infuses a double load of finely ground espresso beans with filtered water for a thick, smooth taste, every time, every pull.

What sets our drinks apart from other coffee shops is the combination of the machines, the perfect Long Bottom roast, and the recipes that Ray has perfected over the last 45 years. We don’t mess around with multiple sizes, “skinny” drinks or fake sugar. If you want to indulge, slow down, awaken the senses and soothe the mind, the General Mercantile’s classic coffee drinks are for you.